RIMS (Reentry Information Management System) is being developed on top of Salesforce customer relations management system. Its purpose is to record the needs of returning citizens (clients) and match them up with service providers who provide those needs to the clients.

Although PowerNet’s RIMS system has been in existence for about 9 years, it has been dormant for over 7 years and current requirements are not reflected in the system. In order to bring RIMS up to current standards, we need Rims to:

  • Facilitate the entering of clients into the RIMS either manually, through provider websites or Salesforce apps
  • Simplify the documenting of the needs of the clients
  • Facilitate the entering of services providers either manually, through provider websites or Salesforce connected apps
  • Track the services offered by the providers
  • Help match services provided with clients’ needs
  • Track clients as they progress through the RIMS systems
  • Create detailed reports on any client or provider

(the full document can be downloaded below)