GivingTuesday is an open-source social movement, so there isn’t a list of nonprofits that are participating. Whether you want to give your time, talents, voice, or financial support, here are some tips for how to find a nonprofit or community organization to support on GivingTuesday.

If there’s a cause you care about, there’s most likely an organization that dedicates itself to creating change in that space. For example, if food insecurity in your neighborhood matters deeply to you, consider the multitude of ways you can contribute to food access, from volunteering at a food bank or community center to supporting community fridges or mutual aid food distributions.

Keep in mind the organizations making the most impact might not be registered charities. Tax status doesn’t determine an organization’s worthiness of support, and it’s not an indicator of impact.

Donate to a nonprofit that’s doing work that aligns with your values. Don’t forget that small community-led organizations need your support too!