The PowerNet Group

The PowerNet Group, originally founded in 2002 as a grassroots community organizing effort in Dayton Ohio, functions as an umbrella and infrastructural support system for a consortium of corporate and independently operated non-profit agencies and/or programs throughout the United States.  All consortium members share a common mission, strategy and set of evidence-based prevention and intervention programs that address the criminogenic needs of adults and juveniles with, or at risk of, criminal records.

The primary goal of the PowerNet Group (TPG) is to selectively recruit, train and empower disengaged, disadvantaged or disenfranchised individuals to reach their full potential as they discover their own unique combination of natural gifts and potential strengths.  Empowered with these newly discovered personal assets – coupled with an individualized strategic plan and support system – every individual will have a clear and open path to greater levels of personal, family and career success which they can now leverage to influence other at-risk youth and/or adults in their community.

To achieve this goal, local TPG affiliates are strongly encouraged to cooperate, coordinate and collaborate with other local non-profit, faith-based and governmental social service and criminal justice agencies that serve the same target population.  TPG considers it a high priority to identify, utilize and promulgate the most effective / best practices to support the full social, economic and political reintegration of persons currently, formerly or at risk of incarceration.  TPG has also developed centralized systems for its affiliates to collect the process and outcome data necessary to determine the efficiency, effectiveness and fidelity of its programs and services for the purposes of program improvement, public transparency and strategic planning.  Lastly, TPG has developed proprietary systems for managing financial and human resources, marketing and sales, as well as other vital back office functions.

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