Citizen Circles

Citizen Circles are groups of community members committed to helping offenders make the change from “offender” to “citizen”.

Offenders and their families develop relationships with members of the community and together develop a plan to help the offender become accepted as a productive citizen and community member. The Circle helps offenders understand that being a positive community member demands certain responsibilities and obligations.

Together Circle members and offenders develop plans to promote responsible citizenship. The Circle communicates to offenders the belief that their debt has been paid and the community is willing to accept them as restored citizens.


1.  A new network of personal support and advocacy
2. Increased access to community services, resources, and opportunities
3. Public recognition and documentation of positive contributions and success
4. Increased self-worth and a renewed sense of belonging
5. Increased insurance of compliance with conditional release and supervision
6. Long-term attitudinal/behavioral change leading to improved lifestyle and quality of life

1. Direct involvement with, and influence on, persons returning to their neighborhoods
2. A better understanding of the challenges well-meaning individuals face during reentry
3. Contribute to reducing crime and improving the quality of life for everyone.                           4. Access to skills and talents of citizens returning to the community after paying their debt to society.

1. Stronger linkages with community partners
2. Increased effectiveness of community supervision